About Us

Life is about solutions. Restoration finishing is also about solutions: restorative solutions, aesthetic solutions and creative solutions. Restoration finishing provides solutions that are answers not guesses.

We enjoy specialized services. Every article of wood is unique. Each has a different combination of grain, color and texture that shows its history and character. With the proper care, wood can add an enduring element of style that compliments a variety of decor in the home and commercial setting. Restoration finishing specializes in giving the right care to any element of wood; whether being of antique or contemporary furniture, cabinetry, or architectural elements.

In business, relationships are important. At the heart of any successful project, is a strong relationship with the client. Each client receives personalized service from skilled professional with years of experience and expertise. Our clients recognize the value of relationships, too. The architects, designers and builders that we serve, appreciate working with a wood finishing company whom they can depend on again and again. They know that our depth and breath of knowledge is an advantage to them, in their work.

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